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Online Worship for Sunday March 29, 2020

Fifth Sunday in Lent


Greeting & Announcements -- see below, toward the bottom

Hymn"In the Cross of Christ I Glory"         Text: John Bowring, 1792-1872

1 In the cross of Christ I glory,
tow'ring o'er the wrecks of time.
All the light of sacred story
gathers round its head sublime.

2 When the woes of life o'ertake me,
hopes deceive, and fears annoy,
never shall the cross forsake me;
lo, it glows with peace and joy.

3 When the sun of bliss is beaming
light and love upon my way,
from the cross the radiance streaming
adds more luster to the day.

4 Bane and blessing, pain and pleasure,
by the cross are sanctified;
peace is there that knows no measure,
joys that through all time abide.

Prayer: We thank you, dear God, for your steadfast loving-kindness, even in the midst of our troubles. We thank you that by the suffering and death of your Son, Jesus our Lord and Savior, you make holy all the trials we face. By your Spirit’s work call to our minds your great promises, especially that you call each of us by name – we are yours – and that nothing can ever separate us from your love in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Ezekiel 37:1-14Kevin Lee

Message: “Feeling a Bit Dry Lately?” -- Pastor John Riggle

Prayers & Lord’s Prayer:

Loving Creator, Savior, and Spirit, we praise you for your glory and wisdom, your mercy and love, your Presence in and among us always. In Christ the Lord C: we praise, we honor you!

We praise you for watching over us, for providing all we need in this life. Especially for giving us one another to care for and help each other. In Christ the Lord C: we praise, we honor you!

We praise you for naming and claiming us in baptism, for forgiving all our sins by Jesus’ death for us, and by his rising to everlasting glory. In Christ the Lord C: we praise, we honor you!

We praise you for joining us, Lord Jesus, to your Body here on earth, by the Spirit’s power; for making us servants in your joyous Kingdom. In Christ the Lord C: we praise, we honor you!

{Silent Prayers} In Christ the Lord C: we praise, we honor you!
{Spoken Petitions} In Christ the Lord C: we praise, we honor you!

Please join in singing our Lord’s Prayer …

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the  glory … forever! A-a-men.

Benediction: Now may the peace of God, which is beyond all human understanding, keep our hearts and our minds safe and at home in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Hymn: "I Love to Tell the Story"             Text: Katherine Hankey, 1834-1911

1 I love to tell the story
of unseen things above,
of Jesus and his glory,
of Jesus and his love.
I love to tell the story,
because I know it's true;
it satisfies my longings
as nothing else would do.

I love to tell the story;
'twill be my theme in glory
to tell the old, old story
of Jesus and his love.

2 I love to tell the story:
how pleasant to repeat
what seems, each time I tell it,
more wonderfully sweet!
I love to tell the story,
for some have never heard
the message of salvation
from God's own holy word. [Refrain]

3 I love to tell the story,
for those who know it best
seem hungering and thirsting
to hear it like the rest.
And when, in scenes of glory,
I sing the new, new song,
I'll sing the old, old story
that I have loved so long. [Refrain]

Thank Yous … and … God Be With You!



Health Crisis: As the Covid-19 crisis has developed, Faith Lutheran Church Council decided to cancel all in-house services and activities of our church until further notice.

Holy Week & Easter: A short Maundy Thursday service will be posted on our church website, under the “Worship Services” tab, along with a Good Friday meditation. We are still putting together very tentative plans for how to do a not-in-the-building service for Easter. Please remember tho’ Easter is still Easter, even if we cannot gather in person in church. So, here are three suggestions for other ways to observe Easter Sunday, which are deep in meaning and close to God’s heart …

1) Help your neighbor in some way, like sending a card or a phone call – ask if they need anything. 2) Pray with those in your house, and with others over the phone or online – remind them that because Jesus lives, we too will live forever! 3) Ask family, friends or neighbors to reach-out safely (keeping distance) to someone else you know who is hurting – then the Holy Spirit will work in and through you.

Calling Tree: Again, we have established a Calling Tree to help keep us all informed, and to find-out about practical needs as they arise. So if you know of anyone having trouble meeting a basic need, like getting their mail, groceries, or medicine, or finding a ride to the doctor, please contact our Triage Coordinator, Janet Zastrow: jjzastrow@hotmail.com / (763) 232-3567.

Website: Please check our church’s webpage often at faithlutheranmiltona.com . Not only will there be timely notices, but there are Bible studies you can do, mid-week Lenten dramatic readings to enjoy, and brief Sunday services you can watch online. Please share these online resources with your family and friends via Facebook or in other ways! Feel free to use the “Contact Us” tab-form to reach out to Pastor or to our office secretary, Sue Ellwanger.

Contacting Pastor: As well as using the “Contact Us” tab on our website, you can always reach Pastor Riggle by phone, by calling or texting: (712) 449-0027. Feel free to email Pastor at johnmriggle@gmail.com. He is also happy to Skype or Zoom online with anyone who wants that, and has the computer capabilities to do it. Just let him know.

Worship: Each week we will record a short service like this one today, and post it under the “Worship Services” tab on our website. If you need or want other spiritual and devotional materials, beyond what is on our website under “Bible Study” and “About”, reach out directly to Pastor and he will do whatever he can as practical. Remember – our Bible Box just outside our church doors, is always stocked with Bibles and other devotional materials for all ages!

Prayer Requests: For the sake of privacy protection, these online bulletins will not have prayer requests listed in them. (Even as we name some persons and situations out-loud during the taping of the services.) So, if you would like prayer for yourself, or for anyone or anything please contact Pastor. He is keeping a running, weekly list, which he prays through often.

Our Building: If you need into our church building, but don’t have a key: In the daytime call Dave Carter: (320) 304-3978; in the evening call Rick Alton: (320) 460-0271. Rick, Pastor, and others are stopping at church, weekly, to pick-up mail, messages, and other things as needed. But … please … do not leave messages on our church machine right now. Thanks!