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Dedicated to quality spiritual leadership, compassionate pastoral care, and intellectually honest Biblical learning, while keeping healthy personal, professional, and family boundaries.


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As a professional ordained pastor of the ELCA, I will caringly and carefully provide referrals for you, to competent local professional help, in crisis situations requiring expertise beyond my pastoral role...and with prayerful follow-up supportive care.


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January 2020  Pastors Corner



Bit o’ God’s Good News for January 2020


Old Joke: A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year … and out the other. J


God’s Word: “Behold! I am making all things new!” Revelation 21:5


Some Thoughts: Why do we make jokes about making New Year’s resolutions? Because, we know how easy they are to make, yet also how hard they are to keep! In other words, we fallible human creatures know, deep down inside each one of us, how much we need the living God to save us and help us.


Good News: God is never satisfied with the status quo. Not because God is some demanding meanie. But, because God yearns to make all things new for you all the time. Not just in this New Year. But, every morning we wake up God says to each of us, if we’re listening, “Dear Friend … if you will let me in to this new day of yours … I promise to take you in a new, more fulfilling and life-giving direction than you went yesterday. Furthermore, if you will let me, I promise to do that for you every day … and forever!”


Question: Are you looking for a new direction for your life? Reach out to God in prayer … also reach out to us here at Faith Lutheran Church, because we are all on a journey to meet-up with the one living God. Amen.



Thank you and Happy New Year!

Pastor John